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    I'm A Slash-A-Maniac. I Read Nothing But Slash, Yaoi And Any Other Word That Means Guys Fucin Other Guys(Crude I Know But, Oh True Oh So True) Obsessions Are:(In Order From Greatest Loved To Least Loved ) {And In Seme/Uke, Dom/sub Or Top/Bottom Order} Harry Potter : Fenrir/Harry Tom/Harry Severus/Harry Lucius/Harry Remus/Harry Draco/Harry Fred/Harry/George Naruto : Itachi/Naruto Gaara/Naruto Neji/Naruto Shikamaru/Naruto Sasuke/Naruto Gaara/Neji Kakashi/Iruka Kakashi/Naruto Itachi/Sasuke Inuyasha : Sesshomaru/Inuyasha Kouga/Inuyasha Miroku/Inuyasha Sesshomaru/Miroku Kouga/Miroku Buffy-Angel Verse : Spike/Xander Angel/Xander Angel/Spike Angel/Spike/Xander More Coming Up Soon...

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