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    Let's see I'm 36. An some of my all time favorite movies are All Lord of the rings movies & Star Wars. I like to read Fantasty /Adventure & romance books mostly. I like to make short films when possible. If someone wanted to beta for me the would be nice e-mail me if you want to help... Just for people to know some of my stories have being worked on are still changing so, please understand why it takes awhile sometimes.

    The Script format I use seems the easiest for me to write I don't mean to offend anyone in the use of it. I have a life beyond writing for those of you who actually read this bio know I had run down computer. I'm now working to finish some of my older stories.

    Thank you. Some are being redone.

    I do actually read your reviews & some of the suggested changes have been done to some the stories I'm going through my spell ✔ more often for one thing & separated the action from the speech as often as I can.

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