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    Fanfiction reminds me of childhood.

    At first, we'd come home from a movie, and we wanted to be Luke or Darth or Indiana Jones or whoever. We'd want to do what they did, in time to the soundtrack we'd bought. After a while, it wasn't enough to copy the movie, though. We'd done the shootout, the fight scene, the more climactic fight scene...we wanted to see how Darth would fare against Superman, or how the Battlestar Galactica would hold up in a fight against the Enterprise.

    Well, i can't run around in the back yard with a plastic phaser shouting about the Force-Enhanced Power of Greyskull. Okay, i CAN, but eventually my wife wouldn't let me back in the house. I can, however, pluck elements and characters of various stories out of their legally approved setting and play with them in another, or my own.

    I love to explore crossovers, such as NCIS investigating Marine deaths at Stargate Command. Or Blackadder as a Starfleet Officer. I also, i'll admit, spend more than a little time exploring some particular interests of mine: the interaction of people of varying scale. Lilliput, Brobdingrag, stuff like that.

    And, a fan of Laurell Hamilton and a few others, i'm not adverse to including some rather graphic scenes here and there. So, hope you share at least some of my interests, or enjoy my attempts to entertain and explore.

    I REALLY hope you make at least a small comment, to encourage future efforts.Or discourage future errors.

    Or just want to say you caught a joke i made or a reference i slipped in. Whatever. Oh, and Hey? What say if you're going to downcheck one of my stories, with a 1+ rating, at least leave an anonymous review about what you think i did wrong. Hey, a comment about what I did correct, for the 5+, would be fully justified, in my humble opinion.

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