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    Updated: September 17, 2013

    I am 28 years old. I'm a girl. I stand at 4'11" and have longish brown hair. I have hazel-green-blue eyes and still I am told I act like Kuwabara sometimes. I'm also bi with a boy friend who I love soooo very much ^_^. 

    Okay so my birthday just past <.<. I'm a year older...and feeling it X_X. Haha. Anyway enough with that. I FINALLY finished Obsessed. So one down and many more to go!

    Now there is a few new things happening. At my job (I am BACK doing Online Grocery Shopping for people) we are going to have delivery...and we only have 9 people total in the department. We already get 40 orders a day and usually only have 5 to 7 people work each day already...and we are now going to be getting 60 orders a day because of the deliveries....and we are loosing a person since she is preggers. So I'm a little stressed at the moment. I will try to work on the other stories but like I've said many times happens. 

    Also in other news, my boy friend, his friend, and myself are working on writing an original story that we are TRYING to turn into an anime haha. I'm the writer, storyboard writer, drawer, director, producer....I'm basically everybody ^^; so on TOP of work I got THAT to work on...^___^;;;;; I will do my best to work on something. I do have good news about that tho. I have written outlines for all my stories (the ones that I will be continuing that is; had to stop certain ones as it was too much). I find that if I have an outline for the story I can actually finish them haha (His Worth, Obsessed, ADCT being the best examples). So that is great news for that. The stories that have an out line are the following:

    A Dream Come True, A Binding Promise (up to chapter 21 so it will be long haha), and Hidden Desires (it will have 20 chapters according to my outline). Those seem to be the only ones that are priority at this point. On the non- YYH side; my Primeval story has an outline for 8 chapters already so I will try and work on those as well.

    Once these are done I will try and work on posting that original story here (once it is complete that is) and then maybe even make new stories or even just one shots. 

    Soooo that's it. Sorry about the wait and thank you to all of those of you who have been with me for so long. I think it was also my 9th year that I've been writing on this site. I started (offically since they accidently deleted my original account because they thought I lost my password for it haha ^^; ) right before my 19th birthday. So yes I think I can say I've been writing here almost as long as its been around x_x I feel sooo old haha. So I will try and continue. If not I do promise you all one thing. I WILL finish the main stories I've started and the ones that I have more than 4 chapters to it already. So do not worry about that..It might take a while but they WILL get done.

    Also I will be trying to use my Journal account to have updates on life and as well as stories updates ^_^. So make sure to check that out every once in a while.

    Okay that's it before I ramble on....Later!

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