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    I've been around for more than ten years, writing stories like a madwoman. Except now I'm delving into indie publishing and have been diverted from updating as often as I'd like. I still intend to complete every story and will probably start many, many more. Just bear with me, or beat down my email address, either way is up to you. 

    On the indie publishing note:  Adaptation (post-apocalyptic where a group goes out and finds a lone survivor on the other side of the country) was pulled to be published in ebook and hardcopy format. It is coming soon. You can email or facebook me for the details. 

    To clear up any questions: I chose my pen-name because of my favourite character from my favourite world (of my own creation) back when I registered on AFF.

    Ayato, in the Two Lovers world, is a character.

    The Sidhe of the Two Lovers world are NOT the Sidhe of Irish mythology. If you want to know the story of how they came to be, email me and I will send it to you. But be warned, it's like thirty pages long and rambles.

    The Court of the Youngest Son Trilogy:


    Old World:

    Star Child

    Captain of the Guard

    Broken Innocence


    Old World is an exploration of hierarchy, magic and science-fiction all rolled into one. The first three works listed are done so in the order written, not the order of their timeline. This is being loosely referred to as the "Elt Trilogy" and more are likely to follow. Including a published series about an entirely different era.


    Two Lover Universe Stories:

    (1)Tweak -(2)Wilds Born
    (10)Cuddle-(11)Little Slave
    (5)Stray-(6)Partners -(7)Sequel -(8)Aftermath
    (9)Soul Bound

    New but not yet timelined:



    This world can be read in any order with those stories connected by - being the ones which should be read in that order.A note, though, they do not all happen in the same time, they're all for the same timeline but not the same time in the world's history. I've numbered them for the chronological order of the world, 1 being the farthest back in time. Higher the number, the... er... more "modern" the story.

    For contact, email, or stalk Ayato DeAniege on Facebook 

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