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    Me-heh. I should probably put something here, huh? Well, I'm a college student, I live with my brother, and work my butt off to make ends meat. I loooove writing and InuYasha and Furuba and Tsubasa and Naruto and Escaflowne and Bleach! can't forget Bleach!.....any number of truly excellent anime and manga series--some of which I have both of. I write for fun, relaxation, and improvement (and, I must admit, just a bit of ego-stroking. But I figure that's at least a little ok, because one good review can last me ages ^_^, and it's not like I'm what you could call a review whore :~) I have a few favorite authors, and a few favorite stories, and not all of them are in my rec list, but I'm always willing to chat, so e-mailing me is quite welcome. I'm friendly and I don't bite, but I'm also pretty shy, so I tend to keep to myself. That's about all I can think of--if anything else come to me, I may add it, I may not. Cheers ~Quill

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