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    I've been writing fanfic since~ June 1997. I write Fanfic for a hobby and as a form of stress relief, and I'm equally comfortable writing Gen, Slash, & Het fics. What kind of fic I write is very dependent on the fandom I write for.

    My website hosts the complete collection of what I've written. Currently, most of my writing is concentrated in the following fandoms:

    Resident Evil - Leon S. Kennedy centric. Yaoi. Most of these stories can't be posted on Fanfiction net, unfortunately. Favourite seme is Jack Krauser, but I also have Saddler and Mendez topping Leon in a couple of series.

    DC Universe: Nightwing - For the most part Gen. However, slash exists. Slade, Roy, Garth and Joey are fond of my 'slashy' Nightwing.

    I'll also occassionally have stories for the Wei▀ kreuz and Devil May Cry fandoms. And there should be more to come with my Harry Potter: Snakes Alive and X-Men: Gambit's Cat-astrophe humour pieces (muse willing).

    I enjoy receiving feedback, however, I loathe being bugged about when next/new parts to my stories come out. My muse is stubborn about stuff like that. ;_; She stops writing instead because it becomes another form of stress.

    So welcome! I hope you find something that tickles your fancy in my stable of stories.


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