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    This message is mainly for all you loyal and unique guys from the "Twilight" ff section... I know I haven't read and reviewed in ages. I'm deeply sorry. +_+ It's just that at the present, I need to take a break from the english language in general (there's many reasons to it, one of them being that I kind of grew tired of "Twilight" since one of my teenager-phases from back then, including a completely different kind of vampires, returned with full force). It's good to return to my native language for once, to just get away from everything for some time. It's impossible to explain since it's something very personal... If you now wish to complain or anything else, feel free to email me ( I won't me mad, promised. I've had a wonderful time here, having felt like in a big, unique family that allowed me to not only review but also find extraordinary people and do playful banters and jokes. It'll always mean a lot to me. Thank you for every single second. I just had to leave this message because I didn't want any of you to think I suddenly don't care about you and your excellent stories any longer. I still think you and all your ideas are amazing. Please keep going on, no matter how few other readers/authors may leave reviews... And who knows... maybe one day, I'll even return to to be a part of it again. Again, thank you, for just everything. ~ Gaps of Misery

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