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    Pennames: Thirdly, Yuurimaoh, and ultimately Dragon Dung (DD for short)

    E-mail: (old mailing list: Yahoo Group- ...not so much for updates, but has archives of all stories and artwork, if I'm not mistaken)

    FAVORITE  AUTHORS: I have a list I've been building! Take a peek! Am I shamelessly distracting you until the day I finish my own stories? Absolutely!

    Story Progress-

    Fanfics: In the process of being completed. (As of 9/27/17 starting with Pulled in Two Directions. A New Vessel is a toughie. The others will be revamped to completion and re-posted. None have been forgotten, I promise!)

    He's a Bastard: Complete. Sequel confirmed. Review Response Thread-

    W.R.E.C.K.: Sequel to HAB. On stand-by. Review Response Thread-

    Tuesday Staff Meetings: On stand-by. Review Response Thread-



    The New Solare: On-going. Chapter 12 in the works. Review Tread-

    Foxies: Complete. Possible side stories and Epilogues on stand-by. Review Tread-

    Gender Bender in a Blue Bender: On-going. On stand-by. Review Thread (beneath Foxies)-

    The Engel-Peterson Detective Agency: On-going. On stand-by. Review Thread-


    Rambling Robin

    Kidnapping is Always an Option : On-going. Chapter 29 in the works. Review Thread-

    Lust and Chastity : On-going. Chapter 18 in the works. Review Thread-

    Lust and Propriety: On-going.Chapter 4 on stand-by. Review Thread (will be eventually beneath Lust and Chastity)-

    Cuddlefish: On-going. Chapter 7 on stand-by. Review Thread-

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