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    Sorry that the updates are so slow. I do intend to finish Teaching Goku, but real life is making it hard to do it as fast as I once did. Also, please don't kill me over anything I might start or try to finish up; I rediscovered my notes on an old GW fic and have been going over them, and the muse raised some plot bunnies in the Rock Lee and Gaara persuassion. The second chapter for that is done and posted. WTF? Only part of ch.23 is getting posted. Oh, well- here's what's cut off: Title: Every Way is Sideways Author: Quirk othe Trade Category: fan fiction Genre: yaoi, romance, angst, AUish Disclaimer: I do not own Gensomaden Saiyuuki. That is the privilege of Minekura Sensei, those who published her work and so on and so forth. This is simply a lowly offering of a fan girl at the temple of Minekura. Warnings: Confusion, bad language, smuttiness. Spelling mistakes are mine. A/N: This has been rewritten for the upteenth time. The file name says fourtheen but that only shows how many times I remembered to update it and sure as hell doesn't include the times it changed directions in the middle of working on it. Take it- I'm sick to death of it! >rawr< All ooc-ness, etc, are my bad- no, it's the muse's bad. Fucking muse, fucking angsty, plot-changing bitches- >gives the bird to them all< Thank y'all very much for the reviews, and I'm sorry for not responding to all of them. I'm just too tired to respond to them all individually. I am grateful for the time, energy and emotion all of y'all have shown. Sorry for the wait, and enjoy. Big Special Thanks To: Goatchild, for Vanessa Carlton's 'Pretty Baby'. I never knew about it before you recommended it. The song that helped spark off T.G. is 'Simple and Clean' by Hikaru Utada, of the first 'Kindom Hearts' PS2 game. FallAce, for 'Accidentally in love' By Counting Crows, 'I wish you loved me' By Tynisha Keli, 'For Real (piano)' By Saiyuki. The Counting Crows one I already had, but I didn't even know of the other two. I don't have them yet- been to busy to even begin to track them down- but I will as soon as possible.

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