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    Yes I am still alive but I've been in a writers coma the last years.

    I just started writing a little again. I'm a bit positive that my spirit for writing is returning but I won't say too much or it will run into hiding again. I've found a new site instead of AF to upload stories at.

    I will from now on upload my works there. Strating with republishing all stories from AFF.

    My hope is that I will start posting new and modern stories after that. Still pretty much only fanfiction with a heavy dose of slash.


    Welcome to Shehanitan’s New Haven!




    Hiya everyone that might read this.

    Sorry that I dissapeared from the face of the internet. AFF made so many changes and shut down my stories and so on that I got pretty tired of it during a time whne there was a lot of other things making me tired too. I see I still have some people anxiously waiting for an update. I will go back and try and revive To Love a Cop.

    see you soon


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