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    Quite a few of my stories are still messed up and I have a feeling they'll stay like that. As before the drive I had everything on broke and I was unable to retrieve the information. Now then! Onto more fun things, I've been working mainly on Little Soul as of late but I haven't abandoned Good Pet or Midnight's Dawning. Soon I am going to be doing a total revamp of Angelus, not changing any of the story however just making corrections and tweaking with it a bit. When I'm finished with that I will be writing a sequel to it. But first I need to finish at least one of the three I'm currently working on. It doesn't do me any good to have so many projects going at once. If anyone wants to help me with Angelus when I start on that project email me or leave your request in a review along with your email so I can contact you otherwise I'll be handling it myself (which I don't mind at all, just giving that offer).
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