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Favorite Authors

  • Airie

    She's one of my friends on deviantART.

  • ZpanSven

    She's the author of Learning to Trust Again, a Sailor Moon story. She's one of my first friends on deviantART.

  • ZeeDrippyVessel

    She writes a very good LOTR stories, though damaged cause of the crashes done by previous techs of AFF, the stories are damaged. If anyone would like a good hard challenge in fixing them up as there are over 40 chapters long, she would be immensely grateful.

  • _C_

    Her story Sand and Vacuum is a great story.

  • ShadowandFlamePanther

    My spirit sister. 'nuff said.

  • Lady_DuCaine

    This is my Mighty Duck stories account.

  • MrsOptimusPrime

    A friend of mine from deviantART.