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    Hi guys!

    This profile is sort of my backup for my regular FF account but but I'll try to update as soon as possible.

    Here are a few new stories I will be doing in the near future:

    A Secret Romance out in the Open: Rukia is secretly in love with Unohana. When the two meet at night to have steamy fun, Unohana shows Rukia her wild side. UnohanaXRukia.

    Captured Kitty: Yoruichi is captured by Kageroze and handed over to Reigai Unohana, who wants to have deviant fun with her captive. ReigaiUnohanaXYoruichi!

    Ash and Snow: Through a mixup by Nemu, Rukia takes pills that gives her body a certain...modification. One that Rangiku is more than willing to give it a test run. RangikuXRukia! Futa! 

    Dark Blizzard: Set after Fade to Black. Rukia is plagued by her darker ego and learns what it means to become one with herself. RukiaXDarkRukia.


    Rukia Vs. Espada: A series of One-Shots where Rukia finds herself confronted by the devious Espada. RukiaXEspada!


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