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Favorite Authors

  • PlagueRat

    My beta and great friend.  Besides that, well written and thought out concepts and stories and interesting characters make for an excellent read.

  • Sweetmamajama

    Good friend, occasional beta, and, for someone who isn't a natural English speaker, wields the language well.  Definitely worth checking out.  The sole project posted is M/M at this time, but definitely worth the read.

  • KoKoa_B

    I was introduced to Kokoa through her review of one of my pieces.  Well written and interesting characters.  A good read all around.

  • SinfulWolf

    SinfulWolf came to my attention with a review on my story Hunted.  While her main story, Blood and Lace, may not be for everyone, it, and her oneshots, are elegantly written, done well enough that one wants more from them.  Definitely recommend checking them out.

  • Sollizyy