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    Hi! Hi everyone! Iím (not)SoftObsidian74. Iím an impersonator. You know, imposter! Identity thief even if you will.

    I pretended to be Soft -- well-known fandom author; stole her work from another site and trotted right over here to pretend to be her and post it as mine, hers, no, mine. Wait a minute! Who am I again? Oh yeah, the (not)SoftObsidian74. I even used the real authorís credentials to try and convince the moderators here that I was indeed SoftObsidian74. I am so sneaky! That was pure genius, wasnít it?

    I wonder why I didnít get away with my nefarious plan? I wonder how these grouchy old people who volunteer all their free time at AFF knew it wasnít me? How did they decide I was the plagiarizing imposter? They must have a special brand of magic, or maybe a crystal ball, tarot cards, something, right? Maybe thereís some sort of LifeLock protection for fanfic writers? Or maybe, just maybe it was the ancient secret: common sense. Or not. Maybe Iím just an idiotic, plagiarizing thief.

    It really doesnít matter. They know. They know everything. And Iím writhing in the flames of the Hall of Shame. I hear cackling. Or is that crackling? Maybe itís both. It burns! Iím melting!

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