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    An aspiring ariter and a monster in human skin. 'Nuff said.

    As I've been writing for some time, I've decided to open writing commissions. First, the general things you need to know before the contact.

    Genres I write in:

    • Horror (different kinds, whether it is supernatural/paranormal, mythology, sci-fi horror, body horror, or "slasher" type horror. Anything that includes monsters, aliens, demons, etc. is what I gladly write about)
    • Monster erotica (yes, it means stories with explicit content that includes monster or monster/human pairing, but I'll gladly do also non-explicit, just sensual works. But there's one rule: at least one of the main characters MUST be a monster)
    • Sci-fi (to a lesser extent, as it will mostly be a crossover with horror genre)

    I write the following works:

    • original stories
    • fan fiction

    What I will NOT do:

    • Rape and anything connected with sexual abuse. NO EXCEPTIONS
    • Yaoi and yuri. NO EXCEPTIONS
    • Pedophilia and anything connected with underage. NO EXCEPTIONS
    • Incest. NO EXCEPTIONS
    • Zoophilia. NO EXCEPTIONS
    • Kink, fetishes and BDSM
    • Poetry (not very good at it)

    Sensitive themes like religion, race, nationality, etc. may be involved, but I try to avoid them as much as possible. If such themes are touched to an extent, then very minimally.

    Length of stories

    I can write short stories and one shots (1.000 to approximately 10.000 words) and multi-chapter stories, if that is your wish. Long works require more time, of course. If you wish to have a certain amount of words in a story, don't hesitate to tell me. If you have a deadline, please inform me about it.

    Pricing and payment

    I charge 10 EUR per 1,000 words, and that is a constant price, regardless of the genre, content, or a story type (original or fan fiction). Payment is accepted via PayPal only. Once we make a deal about all the story details, I will ask for the payment right away, giving you my PayPal link. Once I've started working on a story, payment is non-refundable. And once the story is finished, I will send it to you in a PDF format.

    About the commission process

    Please send me a description of your idea, at least approximate. I'd like to have the following details:

    • characters and their description (like appearance and personality)
    • general plot (it may be explained in details if you have a concrete idea in mind or just general idea)
    • length of a story (short or multi-chapter and approximate word amount)

    I might also ask for additional details if needed.

    About fan fiction

    All rules above apply to fan fiction; about genre, length, payment, and what I will not do. I'd only like to add that I write fan fiction based on horror movies and video games for now. Maybe books will be added to the list as well. I can write in various fandoms, but these I'm most familiar with:

    • Friday the 13th movies
    • Silent Hill game franchise
    • Resident Evil (game universe only, I'm not that familiar with the movies)
    • Sinister movie dilogy
    • Doom games (mostly Doom 3)
    • Alien movie franchise
    • The Conjuring movie franchise

    What I will NOT do in fan fiction:

    • Five Night at Freddy's
    • Creepypasta (like Jeff the Killer, etc.). The only exception is "The Rake", a monster that I like and find interesting.

    How to contact me

    Just send me a PM with "Commissions" title, and we'll discuss the details. I check my account regularly, so I definitely won't miss it.

    So that's about it. If you have interest, feel free to contact me.

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