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    Hey everyone EntityLvr here. I have multiple other accounts including Fanfiction.net and youtube (as Entity Lover). This account may not be as updated as Fanfiction.net but that's because the process of uploading on here is a bit more complicated. But I'm going to start updating again because I feel like I owe it to those that have read my stuff before. I'll be reposting Mother Moon and The Thing And The Angel. I'll also beaddint a sequal to Life As A Cabin Boy eventually and adding at least one more chapter to Before He Cheats. I have a new story (Summer Skies) in progress and I hope to get a good reaction to it. I'll also be thinking of making a Vampire Knight story as well as a new Black Butler one and maybe a Yuri! On Ice.


    Tumblr = https://entitylvr.tumblr.com/

    Vimeo = https://vimeo.com/entitylvr

    Fanfiction = https://www.fanfiction.net/~3ntitylvr

    As for more personal stuff. I'm 25, in my third year of living completely on my own, and I have a rat named Sebastian Michaelis and a cat named Ganymede Yurio (as in Yurio from Yuri! On Ice). I am an Otaku and proud of it. I've been to multiple conventions and loved every second of it. I'm not very good with deadlines and I hate that but I do try to update. I'm going to be updating at least once a month, hopefully more often. I will be spreading out over more animes as I get involved in even more anime series that I'm loving. I'm thinking of possibly going into Togainu No Chi, Death Note, Vampire Knight, even maybe Hellsing. I do really want to go into Yurio! On Ice as well.

    I hope you all love my stories and follow me. Thank you!

    Peace-Out ^-^v

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