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Favorite Authors

  • honeyMellon

    I love Shuuhei pairings and all the stories with Renji work so well because the writing is really good. The stories themselves are very entertaining, also. The display of emotions and thoughts are what make you connect with the characters. Its so believable that these two would be together. Definitely read all of honeyMellon's stories. 

  • Cuzosu

    Excellent writing skills. Never disappointed with her stories. Must read all of them. Also, she sent a personal thank you after a review which of course, is part of the never-ending mutual admiration circle.

  • PeppermintQuartz

    First Contact (Aizen POV), Touched (Gin POV), Caresses (Kira POV) - the same story running concurrently.

    While I love these stories, they are not presented in their entirety on AFF. I've been reading on FF.net  This is the first author I favourited there and contiune to enjoy updates from.

  • NovaAlexandria

    Long epic tales which draw you in and keep you. Believability in the pairings.

  • SilverKytten

    Has only 2 stories listed here. The first is a one-shot prelude to the other. This site may not be updated as often as FF.net, where there are other stories and more reviews. Writing quality and style is exceptional.