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Favorite Authors

  • Quillwing717

    Author of SACHI and WAITING ON A WISH.  Both freaking awesome stories.  Sachi is probably my most favorite and followed and re-read story on this site!

  • Karaumea

    SoOoO talented!  I worship Karaumea and her betas!  I'm not worthy!

  • orchid

    (Bleach)  orchid only has Shunsui/Nanao fics and they're awesome.  The passion and hottness are seriously intense.  This author's way with words definitely inspired me with my own oneshot.

  • Wolf.Blossom

    Author of KINDERGARTEN FLIRTING, BLOODBORNE DUTIES, and THE HEIR AND THE SPARE.  Great writer.  The dialogue between Inu/Kag is always great and entertaining.  I've liked everything this author posts!