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    I'm 27 and I like to write and draw. My drawing is better then my writing, that's what I think. I read mostly fantasy and romance or both together.


    So I have been busy with this past college semester and hopefully with the holiday break i can get some updating done. A few months ago, I got a comment that confused me because I couldn't tell if they were trying to help me with my writing, by giving constructive criticism, (which I'm all for, don't let this stop you from leaving a constructive comment, but please make it clear if you are) or if they were just displeased with it all, in that case I'm sorry the story was too slow and boring, I like the build up when it comes to my stores. I like it when people ask me in frenzied freak outs, about how and why, and only end up with more questions. Yes, I'm horrible for doing that, my beta reader tells me this all the time. I'm pretty sure she'd probably beat me up with pillows and what nots if she had even an inkling of what Levi and Co are about to go though in the next few chapters and books. So please ask questions, tell me how unfair it is when I leave you guys hanging on the edge of a cliff (hint hint), or if you guys have a favorite character or one you just hate. I like hearing from you all.

    With that, there will be updates. Hopefully, many updates soon. I'm trying my best... I've gotten Levi's POV written, now I need to work on the others and then the final chapters. After that the second book will start. We're almost done with this book. Hopefully... I can keep this up through Spring semester.

    But I'm not even done... this is for you guys.

    THANK YOU! Thank you so much. Thanks for the kudos and the comments and the follows and everything in between. Thank you for being so patient and understanding. For waiting! This long! I will finish this series I promise. I said there will be four books and there will be four books... maybe five... so many plot lines that I want to try, its hard to choose. But most of all, thank you for being there to read this story. Here's to you my readers. I hope you enjoy these last chapters of book one. I'm off to finish them.


    Shade :)

    All stories end with a happy tone.

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    Pure Life - Posted Complete

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    Desert World - Rewriting

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    Book 2: The Summoner - WIP

    Book 3: A Rebel Shifter WIP


    You can talk to me on my tumblr. Just click the link. Also I'm posting stories on (Edited versions) and Archives of Our Own (AO3)

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