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    E-mail: vyperbites@yahoo.com or vyperbites@gmail.com

    You can find me on facebook under Margie Eileen Jones or at Christian Cross.  I have a few pages going and a group or two on facebook.  With A Mythical Creation on FB, I promote most of my books and artwork if you want to check that out. My Sesshoumaru's Muse@YazuShiro on facebook, I hope to post more pictures of the 18 and older variety hopefully of Sesshoumaru and Inuyasha together since they are still my favorite couple.  I will hopefully be putting a banner up soon here on where to find my books so I can advertise the mostly M/M genre books I write that many were once fanfictions written on this website before I published them as new original stories.


    Hello, fellow deviants. Welcome to my profile. I changed some things because my original profile was insane.  I am now officially a professional author, book cover artist, digital and other types of art artist, writing coach and editor. I am taking many of my fanfictions away from this site to make them into original stories.  Some will have new names with most likely the same titles as the name of the series with different subtitles for the actual name of the stories.  I will also have synopsizes of each story in the series much of which you will be familiar with.  Do not worry since I plan to still donate to this site and keep some of my stories here.  I also plan to write a few more, but most of the stories you wanted endings to are going to be changed and updated to originals.  These originals are all going to have endings and hopefully faster than what I have been able to do on here.  I will also look for your ideas and feedback for future originals I write.  Perhaps someday someone will be writing my fanfictions on here.


    The first story I deleted from this site is Love Everlasting as you may recall it.  I have completely redone the story with different character names other than my original ones and Kouga since in the Inuyasha series it is spelled, Koga.  Most of the story is the same, but this time there will be an ending.  The trilogy will end with the third book and you will get a happily ever after ending to the end of the series.  I probably won't be writing a fourth book for that particular series since I have others I am working on. 


    I am taking a small break from college at The Arts Institute Online Pittsburg division for my degree in Digital Design for cover art. I was going to GCU or Grand Canyon University for my bachelor's degree in English and Professional Writing, but the classes were very redundant and I did not feel with the massive religious environment plus repetitive types of assignments and every class being basically the same as the last that I was really doing anything useful with my education benefits.  I plan on getting my Master's degree (depending on finances) in fiction at SNHU as well as a Master's in non-fiction and screen-play writing.  I will also hopefully be getting a Master's in English and Arts while taking a short course in digital art so I can create my own book covers.  However, we will have to see how well my current novels sell and if anything improves since all of my stories were very popular here as fanfictions with over 300 reviews for the ones I pulled to publish that I could not take the reviews with me despite my wishes  to do so since the majority of reviews were quite positive.


    Now that I can do my own book covers, I plan on using most of my own artwork for the books I publish for both my printed books and e-books.  Jay Aheer who is one of my cover artist heroines has done some incredible work with popular gay romance authors like Aimee Nicole Walker, Sloane Kennedy, and various other best selling authors throughout the world.  I hope someday to be as good as she is. 


    Although my work has gotten better over the years with training at school, in my mind it is nowhere near as nice as Jay's work, but this is just my first few book series that I am pushing out.  Amazon is where you can also find me and other authors who write stories for LGBTQ and some straight stories.  I hope to see some of the awesome authors on this site also branch out to become self-published authors. 


    I have been lucky enough to find a few fellow authors to help advertise my book and hopefully future books.  I don't plan on giving up totally on fanfiction and I hope that you will still enjoy my stories in the future.  I love all of you who have left me reviews and read my work.  I really enjoy receiving feedback and hope to recieve more as time goes on.

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