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    I'll be posting things here as I get editing done from their other homes.  :) is my primary account but I'll be posting here as I can.  

    Beverly L. Anderson started writing at the age of eleven, and when she did it was obvious she wasn’t going to stick to the every day. Her first story, written in a series of spiral notebooks, was about a kidnapping. There’s no surprise that these days, she favors the dark corners of the psyche over the happy and fluffy parts. To better understand the mind of her characters, Beverly specialized in psychology and counseling in school, and holds a master’s degree in the latter.

    Beverly’s other hobbies include gaming of all types, transgender and autism advocacy, and writing fanfiction. She herself has gone on the journey of self-discovery in the last few years, finally pinning down her identity after nearly thirty years of searching. Coming out as bigender and pansexual was one of the hardest things she’s ever done, but it gave her the confidence to become herself even more. An autistic parent of two autistic kids, and an eclectic pagan, Beverly finds herself at odds with a lot of what society calls “normal”. Her interest in the BDSM community began as simple curiosity, but has led her to the road to finding a place for herself there as a switch.

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    Other Books by Beverly:

    With Kenyon Y. Hunt

    The Corporal and his Contessa

    --A Chains of Fate Story

    Reflections of the Shadow Dancer

    --An anthology of 150 poems.

    Whispered Shadows

    --Collection of 150 Poems


    With Kenyon Y. Hunt:

    Stolen Innocence (Doctor's Training Part 1)

    Safe Haven (Doctor’s Training Part 2)

    Blooming Camellia (Doctor’s Training Part 3)


    Dark and the Sword

    First volume in the Legacy of the Phoenix

    Worlds of Avern Series


    Escaping Fate, Embracing Destiny

    I want to thank my wonderful beta Emmagem803 who is working VERY hard to help me clean up my fics and catch errors I have missed!

    Also, I want to make sure to thank my Anime muse SapphireTou who provides excellent support and character background.

    Welcome, Fellow Yaoi/Slash fans!

    ATTENTION: I write almost exclusively yaoi or slash. I write homoerotica, in other words. Homosexual relationships and romance, people. Not your cup of tea, exit stage left, please! I will not tolerate flames or hate on my stories. I tag all my pairings, and while this site doesn't allow full tags like other sites, I ALWAYS list a pairing in a story that will feature romance.

    Hello and welcome! Thanks for reading and looking at my stuff, I’m very grateful for it! I’m Beverly L. Anderson, phoenixreal, and Amethyst Phoenix. I’m a writer, poet, artist, and a lot of other things. So here I figure I’ll explain a few things about myself, just in case you’re curious about me. I know people tend to get upset when people write about things that are as specific I do without being members of the groups they belong to.

    I’m non-binary transgender, bigender with a male and female aspect, as well as a blended middle aspect that I live most my life in. I’m also a pansexual, though I explain to people my sexuality is typically male and dominant. This confuses people sometimes, mostly because they’ve never met someone who identifies this way. This is part of the reason most my writing is slash/yaoi. I write a lot with pairings that both have penis bits, so it isn’t a matter of gender so much as the physical bits. I can, and will occasionally, write about those with vagina bits, but because of my own sense of dysphoria with my own vagina bits, I prefer not to write those characters unless I’m in the appropriate headspace. Yes, I use the words bits. Deal.

    I am a kinkster. When I use this word, I refer to myself as someone who is not a full-time member of the BDSM lifestyle. I know, there are a dozen “definitions” of kinksters, one of which is just a synonym for “kinky”. Honestly, that’s not what it means anymore if you’re active in modern or online scenes, but define it however you like. My self-identification, so it can mean whatever I define it as. I am a switch in BDSM, meaning I am both Dominant and submissive. I’m still exploring my submissive side, but I’m leaning toward an inclination that I’m a little or pet, but we’ll see. As a Domme, I’ve done orgasm control, humiliation, and cuckolding. I’ve done this vis Skype as I don’t have a scene locally. I work with my dearest uke, Wolf, AKA Kenyon Y. Hunt, who is my co-author on my original Chains of Fate Series. She is a switch herself, and we have a lot of fun writing BDSM.

    I’m also a pagan. Currently, I practice North American Eclectic Wicca, but in generally, I go with what I feel. I identify with Kali, the Morrigan, and Kwan Yin as my favored goddesses, and I identify with Ganesh, Loki, and Buddha as my favored gods. I greatly enjoy visiting and conversing with the folks at both Hindu and Buddhist temples about my religious ideologies (and I highly recommend visiting temple if you are at all curious; they are frankly amazing and welcoming people, in my experience). However, I am a skeptic as well. This means I love science, and the fact that I’m pagan doesn’t interfere with my belief in science. I believe that spirituality is a completely different level from science, and they can coexist. When I use incense and oils, I don’t believe for a second that anything “magic” in the colloquial sense is going to happen. Rather, I believe it enforces my own power over my world.

    I’m an Aspie (Asperger’s). I have what are considered atypical, or female labeled, traits. A have several traits that are common among autistic folks, and folks with autism, so sometimes, I come off as being different. I tend to overexplain things, have severe anxiety of several kinds including social anxiety, have issues with sounds in particular, and a tendency not to get sarcasm and conventional humor. I have a rather dry and dark sense of humor myself. I also have two children on the autism spectrum (they have not chosen how they wish to self-identify yet).

    My education is in counseling. I have a master’s degree in the field, and one day I would like to become a sex therapist with a specialty in working with transgender folks, non-transition, pre and post transition. I would like to help people get access to transition services and the things they need. Right now, my mental and physical health is impeding me, so I write instead. I have depression, anxiety, hypothyroidism, possible fibromyalgia, and a few other things that mean I spend a lot of time with doctors. I love psychology in general, and have done a lot with post traumatic stress disorder, rape trauma syndrome, and recovery from emotional, psychological, and physical abuse, as well as working with women and minorities.

    After all that, now to the writing bit. I’ve listed the above to explain where I’m coming from (if you care), and to kind of let you get to know me. The one reason I love the fanfiction world is because it is easy to contact the writer. I’m working on making a name for myself in the original market, but I will always love fanfiction because it is fun and relaxing to write.

    • Please read my tags and Warnings, and do not skip my author’s notes. I know there are a lot of people that don’t tag things to keep the suspense, and that’s fine, but I do not. If there is something in my story that I feel might be triggering for someone, I will tag it (and if I forget, please let me know).
    • I often mix fandoms. This means, if you start reading an Avengers fic I wrote, and you don’t like characterization, please check fandom. I may be mixing multiple versions of fandom to create characters idealistically for the story I’m working on.
    • I write a lot of rape and rape recovery. I’m do not sugar coat these things, and I use them a lot. A lot of people will ask why since almost all my stories include the non-con tag. The reason is that I focus on recover and emotional effects. Why? I’m not sure. Angst is my thing, and it is what I do. I write murder, psychological terror, physical and mental torture, and that’s what I do. Don’t post a comment on one of my stories complaining about it. Everything is tagged and if you read it, don’t complain to me.
    • My depiction post traumatic stress disorder may be unlike what you have seen other author’s use. The reason is that PTSD of all varieties is individual, and I assure you, in real life, every single reaction I write has and does happen. If you don’t think it’s plausible, I encourage you to do some research with some PTSD foundations. Reactions to trauma are varied from complete avoidance to complete breakdowns. There are also many healthy and unhealthy ways that people deal with trauma. PTSD is also not confined to those experiencing the trauma, but can also occur by proxy by witnessing a trauma. Message/email me if you have questions and want more information.
    • I do a lot of research. I mean, a lot. So, if you find inaccuracies on something in a story I’ve written, please message/email me, and do not go on a rant in a comment/review. I am more than happy to listen and change things that are incorrect, if you have the correct information and I do not.
    • I have many unfinished stories, and while I appreciate that everyone has favorites, I simply cannot update stories that I am not inspired to update. I took off for a year due to medical reasons (which is why I have a lot of stories unfinished that were started in 2013-2014). These stories not only need to be completed, but I want to revise and edit them and have already begun the process. My writing has changed since I began, and I want to bring my old stories up to the quality of my new stories. I refuse to update a story that I am not in the mood to update because doing so only gives my readers shoddy quality. I would much rather provide quality updates for my readers than forcing myself on a schedule of updates.
    • I start new stories often to avoid burnout. If I work too long on one thing, as I said above, quality drops, and I won’t deliver a good product. I also use fanfiction to distract myself while working on my original works.
    • You will often see similar themes in my stories (kidnapping, stalking, obsession). I write fanfiction as a way to practice scenes I’m planning in original works. If two stories seem to have similar content, this is the reason.
    • If I coauthor something, please check my co-author’s other stories! I am very particular about who I work with and I encourage you to visit them!
    • Other than that, I do take fic requests all the time, but I only do them when I have time and have the inspiration. I use the name phoenixreal as my handle everywhere I post, so please look me up on the following websites: Archive of Our Own, Fanfiction net, Adult fanfiction net, Asianfanfics, deviantArt, Red Bubble, Tumblr, Twitter, Behance, Mediaminer, Cafepress, and some others out there.

    Email: beverlylynnanderson at gmail
    AIM: darkphoenixreal
    Facebook: bev.phoenixreal

    Final Notes and Considerations for my readers:

    A note on Japanese/honorifics in fics: I notice that some love to sprinkle the honorifics around, while others avoid them entirely, using the closest English translation. I only watch subtitled versions, and when I write IN UNIVERSE fics, I do use honorifics and sprinkle it with commonly used Japanese (Teme, Itai, Yare, Yare, Aboui). I believe the translations of honorifics lose something in the Bleach universe. For example, Inoue calls everyone last name kun. This is a bit different than her referring to someone solely by the first name, and there is really not a great way to translate it to English. However, unless an AU fic I write has a reason, I do not use honorifics (unless I'm stuck in Japanese mode). This also applies when I use Spanish (my second language, though I'm severely out of practice these days).

    And my Coyote Starrk speaks Spanglish! That means, for those of you who know English or Spanish or both, he inter spaces Spanish in his English words and phrases. I find Starrk romantic and sweet and when I use him, he uses Spanish terms of endearment. I have a native Spanish speaker who I check with, but if I haven't gotten with her about a phrase yet, I double check my memory via Google translate, and we know it often doesn't do it right. Same goes for Japanese words/phrases, I have a friend that speaks it help me. So please don't pick me apart for using Spanglish, I grew up around it (grew not too far from the border with Mexico in Texas), and it is not exactly English, but not exactly Spanish (hence Spanglish). Not all areas speak it, it is pretty regional.

    Most the time, I dabble with Dom/sub situations (either actual BDSM or Alpha/Beta dynamics). It has come up that people sometimes don't understand it. There is this misconception about a relationship between power/strength and dominance. The Dominate is not always the stronger of a pair, and the sub is not always weak. If you are new to the idea of Dom/sub relationships, I highly suggest you read my story Doctor's Training. The reader learns about the BDSM culture along with Ichigo as he is introduced to a different world.

    I just want to make it understood, when dealing with Dom/sub, Top/bottom, or Seme/uke relationships, just because someone is powerful does not mean they are on top. Otherwise, a tiny female could never Domme over a man twice her size as her sub. But this happens in the Lifestyle. There are tons of types of Doms/Dommes (Semes) and subs (Ukes). There are those that top from the bottom, and those that bottom from the top. There are those that take both roles (Switches, or Semkes/Semukes as I've seen them called). The fact is, if you read a story and you don't like it, or don't think it is believeable, move on. There are many dynamics in relationships, and there are tons we've all yet to encounter.

    Sometimes the strongest and bravest thing a person ever does in their life is give up complete control to someone else. And sometimes the fiercest fighters are the ones with the mothering instincts.

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