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    Ahh.. me. The only fandom I read and write is Harry Potter, at least for the time being. My fanfiction is very pro-Slytherin, very pro-Pureblood and very Malfoy-centric. My Slytherins are very strongly against any so-called "redemption" and they do not get consensual with the Golden Trio, neither with any other "good guys". Also, my Malfoys are scheming, decadent, elitist bastards. Consensual and romantic, yet twisted and rather kinky Lucius/Draco is my OTP and my almost pathological obsession. I am quite exclusively a slasher (gay sex is just so very ...delicious;) both as a writer and a reader but I do write and read gen and het occasionally. I enjoy well-written femmeslash sometimes too. Oh, and almost everything is better with chan. Consensual slash is usually the only way with Slytherin/Slytherin pairings but I definitely go for non-con and especially dubious consent with Slytherin/other-pairings. Let's just say that the "Golden Trio" screams "TARGET!" to me. Ah, Order of the Phoenix, Marauders, Dumbledore's Army, all Weasleys and Mudbloods and Blood-traitors in general. Sucks to be them... My kink!list includes but is not limited to: CONSENSUAL Malfoycest, chanslash, chan in general, slash and femmeslash incest, D/s, S/M, dubious consent, non-con (though I prefer dubcon over non-con), Stockholm Syndrome, goody two-shoes forced to fuck each other, Cruciatus!sex, Unforgivables in general, sex magic in connection with the Dark Arts, bloodsports, snowballing and spermplay in general, knifeplay, humiliation, dirty talk, orgasm denial, forced orgasms, Schadenfreud, threesomes, foursomes, double penetration, voyeurism, exhibitionism, cross-dressing, graveyard!sex, wall!sex, bukkake, topping from the bottom, slave!fics, dystopia!fics, good AU in general and character deaths (except in cases where I'm completely in love with a character). Strong emotional impact is very important and so are in-depth looks into a character's psyche. Oh, and I forgot Lucius' leather gloves, his pimp cane and Malfoycest on Lucius' working desk. My squick!list includes but is not limited to: Non-consensual Malfoycest, Mpreg, watersports, scat, bottom!Lucius (unless he is completely and totally topping from the bottom), redeemed!Draco, redeemed!insert any Slytherin character here, Draco, Lucius or Severus paired consensually and romantically with that fucking Mudblood bitch (I guess I don't need to tell that I don't exactly like Hermione), any het pairings with Severus Snape, het incest (hey, it's the very reason for the incest taboo), furries, Dark Lord!Harry AU, bad AU and total failure with brit-picking. I can stop reading an otherwise good fic if I encounter "dick" instead of "cock" or "ass" instead of "arse". And "cum"... please, don't even get me started. If you for some strange reason are interested in what kind of person writes this stuff, here goes: sex: female gender: male physical: short, pale, androgynous, skinny, small tits, pretty face, perfect arse. Dyes hair, rather stuck up with silvery-blond now. nationality: Finnish "religion": chaos magician politics: anarcho-fascist subkulture: "goth" most probably fits best. mind-altering substances: speed, YAY! wishes upon a star for: world domination Contakt: If you review (which is always kindly asked for), I would love to answer your feedback. So, if you feel like leaving some kind of an e-mail address, epic thanks in advance.
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