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    These stories also reside at another place under the author name "Linkin Fantasy" and some at Fanfiction net under "Resting-Madness" and Fictionpress username "2Bsteampunk". For originals.

    All of the stuffs at MediaM, it's alot, will eventually find its way here.... Maybe :)

    Reading order: 

    Silent Worlds

    S.W: Dial Tone

    S.W: Child of Darkness and Light

    S.W: Worth

    The Obituary Boys (it won't let me change the summary to state that it's after the S.W. saga. Sorry for the confusion)

    The Boy on Page One

    I love it when writers do this... Hopefully, it'll stay sincere.

    Work in Progress:

    Editing: The Boy on Page One

    What's to Come:

    More to be added and taken away when necessary.

    News: I want to say thanks for reading. Be kind, leave a review behind hahaha. I want to work on my genres, so there might be more romance stories coming from me in the form of melodrama. I still find solid love stories very hard. But, if you read any of those then thank you lol. They might really suck.

    Goal: Editing and putting older stories here. Not all will be completely edited, but most of them will.

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