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    These stories also reside at another place under the author name "Linkin Fantasy" and some at Fanfiction net under "Resting-Madness" and Fictionpress username "2Bsteampunk". For originals.

    All of the stuffs at MediaM, it's alot, will eventually find its way here.... Maybe :)

    I love it when writers do this... Hopefully, it'll stay sincere.

    Work in Progress:

    The Mind of a King : Edgar has to fulfill his kingly duties and Locke is not happy. Will this end up being the thing that drives the pair apart? (Final Fantasy VI: EdgarxLocke) (May TBA)

    Revising: My Mother That's Who I Mean

    What's to Come:

    A soldier of love: (title may change) Squall received many gifts for his birthday, one of which was one of those stupid coupon books. He never knew he would actually use Irvine's gift, nor what would blossom between them because of it. (Final Fantasy VIII: SquallxIrvine)

    If Only for One Night: It can't be? It isn't true! Hyne.. It's true. Seifer has been having rather unusual dreams about Zell. It's finally starting to sink it that maybe all of his antagonizing is really just a camouflage to keep certain people at arms length. And his dreams are now telling him to go for it. But, is it too late to try? (Final Fantasy VIII: SeiferxZell)

    Keep the Camera Rolling..:  Resident Evil Outbreak

    More to be added and taken away when necessary.

    News: I want to say thanks for reading. Be kind leave a review behind hahaha. I want to work on my genres, so there might be more romance stories coming from me in the form of melodrama. I still find solid love stories very hard. But, if you read any of those then thank you lol. They might really suck.

    goal: Editing and putting older stories here. Not all will be completely edited, but most of them will.

    I am also going to downsize Silent Worlds so it's not 70 plus chapters but sectioned into stories as it should have been. Might make new readers less intimidated to get in there and give it a try.

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