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    Hi there I am Yami Nefertira. I was once known as solaris destiny, and brunet kauri. But never at the same time. Ive changed my pen name because I was bored of the old one,i am weird like that, but not to worry. I am weird, no seriously I am, I am into alsorts of things, sci-fi, anime, ancient egypt, paranormal,blue .(not the band) I like most fanfics, but I love yaoi and yuri fanfics in general. I'm into quite a few anime series, but my main fanfic interests are based around Yugioh and Escaflowne. My favourite pairings are as follows Yugioh; yaoi/yuri/het; Seto x Jou, Yami x Yugi, Bakura x Ryou, Mana x Isis, Marik x Bakura. Seto x Kisara, Seto x Isis, Ryou x Shizuka, Seto x Yami, Otogi x Honda, Escaflowne; Van x Hitomi, Van x Merle, Allen x Millerna, Allen x Eries, Dryden x Millerna, Folken x Hitomi, Folken x catgirl twins, Amano x Yukari, Celena x Dilandau, Celena x Gaddes, Celena x Miguel, Van x Celena, Dryden x Eries, Marlene x Duke Freid. I'm also a person who seems to go for the more unconventional pairings, both in the fanfic I read as well as in my own work. I also like the pairing of Sakaki x Kaorin from Azumanga Daioh. I dont have anything against sexuality, you can be straight, gay, bi, trans-gender, a three eyed alien from mars, I wouldnt mind, as long as you are happy, then love shouldnt matter what gender you are, variety makes the world go round, and not much can get me mad, im liberal on most things, so there you go, I hope you enjoy my fanfics and thanks for your time ^_^ recommended authors, Yamimi, Yami_Seirel, IceAngel, Draconyx. ps, I like other shows and pairings other than anime as well. go forth in peace and love. So mote it be.
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