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    I love anime and manga. Fake is a fav, Ruroni Kenshin is as well. I love them both. I have other as well. I also love unicorns to. I have taken the story called Skating Partners down as all I seemed to be getting was peple saying Ithat the people in the story couldn't do that and what not. It was a work of fiction. I'll continue to write the fic but I won't post it. If you ask me I will be glad to send you the next installment. I don't have an ideas as of right now so it won't be out for a while. I thank one of my friends who ice skates. She read teh fic and said that all the things I wrote were possible, I just worded it wrong. I needed to fix askating term was all. If you'd like the next chapter to be sent to you leave me an e-mail at my zahoo account. Zerianyu@yahoo.com

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