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    I am pissed that got rid of the NC-17 stories. loss I guess, I do not go there anymore. You can check my other stories at: ""! Also, please check my Journal for updates on my stories. I will tell you offten there what is going on with my stories. If I am not writing CrossGen FanFiction, I am writing Zelda fics (based off of OCARINA OF TIME) or whatever catches my eye. I write only HET or YURI stories (unless it is a Gender-Bender story, I like she-males!), that's right, I'm stright and I'm a guy. I don't like to write RAPE but if the mood stikes, or it's about an evil chatacter, I might. I won't write UNDERAGE unless it's ethier two kids going at it or it's ok to do so, ex: Read "A time before Navi". I also live off of reviews, so please leave reviews! (If you are 18-year-old or under, please do NOT try and contact me. I am not interested in anybody under 18. If you contact me by AIM, I will warn people about you and then block you and I will block your email if you try and email me. I prefer people my age. Thank you.)
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