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    I am a lazy fanfiction author with a serious Naruto addiction. My current obessession is the Sasuke/Naruto fandom. I want someone to explain to me how Sasuke could be with anyone who is not Naruto and vice versa? I just don't see it? Also, Itachi and Sasuke together is just wrong. Oh, on Sailor Moon: I am a 100% Darien/Serena (Mamoru/Usagi for the die-hards)fan. I am rabidly anti-Darien and one but Serena and vice versa. I hate with a passion all pro-Usagi and Seiya fandoms. I do not like Diamond. If you think Rei is Usagi's best friend I suggest that you turn off your television and read the manga. Mina and Motoki do not make a cute couple. Rei is not a whore, Ami can have a life, and Lita is more than muscle and Betty Crocker. On Darien: This is a response to a reviewer's questions for my Consquence Series. "I am huge fan of the manga and I have a huge collection of Sailor Moon DVDs which I decided to let the Critter destroy for the simple fact that I hate Mamoru-the animated version. That guy is a wuss and a pervert. I hate the whole rose throwing thing and the speeches. Lord, the speeches, I skip those as much as possible. This guy is supposed to be the Prince of Earth, but he canít fight, he has no powers to speak of and he is always the brain washed victim. I never got the point of him being there, Sailor Moon could have did her thing without him. But Darien-the manga version-is somewhat different. Still heís a wuss, but not a bad one, because he actual does stuff and heís the appropriate age to date Bunny, unlike the freaky anime guy. I though the Great Prince of Earth should live up to the reputation of his people. Maybe I had been watching Independence Day or tired of the anti-Darien fics, but the end results are the same. I have a likeable Endy. And I am glad you like him, Iím happy that I put him with his Generals, because I canít stand Andrew, Chad, Greg, and Ken. I donít think Mamoru knew the last three and in the manga those three did not exist. The generals are my favorites boon companions for our tuxedo clad hero." So, thanks for reading. Sean
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