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    Hi, I write under the name yncarn8. I'm English, living in the UK and old enough to know better.

    I used to write a lot of Harry Potter fan fiction, but I lost faith after I read Deathly Hallows and took a long break from writing. I have since started writing again and have switched genres to my old flame the Star Trek universe, particularly The Next Generation although I tend to include other arms of the franchise as I get carried away.

    Since my return I have started a policy of only publishing fiction after I have completed it, so while I may leave some questions for a possible sequel I wont leave you hanging and stop posting unless I should walk under a bus or something, which I'm certainly not planning to.

    I can be found on twitter and facebook as @yncarn8 where I post images, updates etc. 


    Current stories.

    Expendable People - An unorthodox cyberneticist assigned to help B-4 improve his cognitive function finds someone unexpected lurking in his neural net. She soon discovers a web of intrigue and perhaps true love with the most unlikely of heroes. Will they survive long enough to reach a happy ever after or will he turn a budding romance into an utter fiasco?

    Pygmalion - Sequel to Expendable People, Reg struggles to deal with the fallout from the mission to the Daystrom Annex. Is he going to snap under the strain of it all when his past comes back to haunt him? Will it cost him everything he’s come to hold most dear?

    Tempus Fugit - Sequel to Pygmalion. Barclay's latest project goes horribly wrong and strands Data, Geordi and Taryn in Victorian London. How far will he go to rescue them? How far will Data and Geordi go to save the Federation?

    Meanwhile in an alternate universe. Based on ideas spawned by Tempus Fugit, a reboot of my Barclaycentric Trekverse

    Hollow Victories - What if Riker bore a grudge after Hollow Pursuits? What if Reg meets the right girl at the wrong time? Set after Best of Both Worlds. This is a WIP

    If you are interested in more of my older and often more adult Harry Potter fiction it can be found at AFF under yncarn8 but some of it is unfinished.

    Best wishes yncarn8

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