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    Name: Brian Alias: Darksoul Gender: Male Biological/Chronological age: 33 Sexual preference: HETEROSEXUAL! Author Type: Self Insert/Alternate Universe Most HATED stories: YAOI/YURI(Some Exceptions) Now I bet your wondering WHY I hate Yaoi/Yuri fictions right? SIMPLE Yaoi/Yuri fan authors! What is the POINT of either fan base for existing with the exception of MAJORLY pissing off Homosexual people! It's ONE thing for an ACTUAL gay person to write fan-fiction of said genre(As long as said person does NOT bastardize the character(s) SEXUAL ORIENTATION in question!) But it's a completely DIFFERENT story when some illiterate brain dead MORON of EITHER gender suddenly decides to write GAY fan-fiction because its a 'fad' or those two look so 'cute' together. Listen you retards! It's NOT cute, I personally find it rather disgusting and reprehensible to troll through utter ego inflating unbelievable BULLSHIT stories. The WORST glaring offense is Mpreg or Fempreg... NO MATTER WHAT even in Fanfiction RULES have to be kept! It's PHYSICALLY IMPOSSIBLE for SAME SEX pairings to become pregnant to each other. Immaculate conception is out too, unless you truly WANT to be ostracized by ALL religions in existence as well as the Atheists... In other words? DON'T WRITE STORIES THAT MAKE STRAIGHT CHARACTERS GAY! --------------------------------------------------------- Hate list: All Fanfiction Genres --------------------------------------------------------- Yaoi- I loathe this as people take sick pleasure in making STRAIGHT characters gay simply because it's supposedly cute! Yuri- See Yaoi Abusive Relationships! This is unfortunately the mainstream of all fan-fiction within the Ranma universe. Rumiko is a sad little girl that thinks sadomasochism is love and respect.... The same can be said for Anno in Evangelion! Both authors are emo retards that need psychotherapy more so than I do and THAT is saying A LOT! ---------------------------------------------------------

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