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    I'm a hood chick from Atlanta, and I'm also a fanfiction author of heterosexual erotica. Sometimes I write SFW (safe for work) stories, too.

    Most of my fictions feature Male to Female dominance in some shape, way, or form.

    I have no real reason for writing my stories this way except that I think it’s sexy. That’s all.

    I never really knew I had a talent for writing. I actually wanted to be an artist because I loved drawing. I began writing at the age of 16 after discovering the wonderful world of fanfiction. I was drawn to writing about anime characters after reading gokusgirl’s steamy Dragon Ball Z fictions. I remember thinking, I wanna write just like her! So I set out to do that, and failed miserably!

    While most people look down on fanfiction authors, I’m not ashamed of it. To hell with anyone who disapproves of my writing background! I’ve improved a lot in these years since I put pen to paper. Writing fanfiction is what gave me the confidence to write original fiction.

    I'm currently obsessed with Mortal Kombat and have written fictions for the series. I've also written stories for Naruto, Digimon, and many others.My DreamWidth account has exclusive stories not found anywhere else. DW also has revisions to other stories I've written that I won't post on my other fanfiction social media accounts. I did this because I want to generate traffic to DW. I can be a lot more creatively free there without the hassle of fandom politics hindering on what I can/cannot write. So, if you enjoy salacious fanfiction, I suggest you visit my DW account. Enjoy!

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