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    I am a soon to be hopefully divorced mother of an almost 7 year old boy. I work full time and try and find time to write when not taking care of my son and other responsibilities. I live on the East Coast of the USA. I have been writing since age 12, and started a fantasy novel when I was 14 and finished it - but never got the nerve to try and get published. I studied creative writing in college, and also attended summer writing workshops taught by a famous sci-fi author, Samuel R. Delaney (one of my fav published authors). I had hoped to get my masters in writing, but did not get into the college of my choice. Some of my stories here were written when I was pregnant (2003), and soon after my sons birth. Those early stories have some errors in them, because they got corrupted when the site went down. When my son was 11 months old, real life kicked my butt, my muse left, and I stopped writing. I only started writing again in the summer of 2007 - with a new muse. Now I usually write like one possessed, and I am, by a total of four muses now, LOL. But sometimes real life will still kick my but and I slow down. But I will always try and finish what I start, eventually. I am addicted to writing InuYasha fanfiction, particularly hentai, and I write a lot for contests and communities on Livejournal, my second home and only social life, LOL!
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