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    I should note that, with the exception of YGO, I do not write from the anime, but from the manga (because I prefer reading manga to watching anime, for one, and because I infinitely prefer the original version as intended by the author, for two). For some of the series I write, I haven't even seen the anime, others I haven't seen the anime recently enough to remember it all that well. In particular I'm going to mention Inuyasha, because of how different they are - I finished the manga, I haven't seen the anime recently, and honestly I pretend the movies don't exist, so all of my recent stories are manga-canon, not anime-canon.

    Thank you for reading my overblown disclaimer.

    I'm not in the habit of adding strangers on social media, so if you add me there please send me a message telling me why so I know you're not a creeper. 

    All of my writing, even stuff that doesn't fit AFF, can be found on my site right below here.

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