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    My fandoms are Buffy, Dracula: The Series, and Profiler. The majority of my writing is Profiler featuring the skewed ship of Jack-Of-All-Trades/Samantha Waters. Additionally I write for DTS, the ship Alexander/Sophie and a little Spuffy, but Profiler is currently my main fanfiction obsession. My website is up but under construction. I'm an avid LiveJournal user, my personal LJ's are m_ravensblood and ravensbloodsfic. Also I am the moderator of a community called skewedbelievers which is for fans of the Jack/Sam ship on Profiler and a general Profiler community called profiler_fans. Both my website and my journals have wallpapers and icons in addition to my fiction and my website High Risk Romance also hosts some other Skewed Writers.
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