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    Oh god, I am quite embarrassed over the fics I have here.... With the exception of "Patience" (Naruto) and the Lord of War fic (Movies), *please* don't read my stuff xDDD I'll go through them and edit them for the better as much as I'm able to, someday... >_>; ____ I'm a sucker for slash (and non-con slash especially >_>), my fav pairings are Colin Farrell/Jared Leto, Shannon Leto/Jared Leto, Alexander/Hephaistion, Naruto/Sasuke, Itachi/Sasuke, Wolverine/Gambit, Sabretooth/Gambit, Jack Sparrow/Will Turner, Sailor Mars/Sailor Moon, Johnny Depp/Orlando Bloom, and just any m/m pairings featuring Jared or Hephaistion. xD Check out the account I share with my stable buddy Liza, and read our Naruto fanfic Desert Storm! :D http://naruto.adultfanfiction.net/authors.php?no=1296794812

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