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    Long-time member here (since like 2002). I started out writing fanfiction but have gravitated more into original since I have more freedom in creating worlds, characters and situations. Other interests include anime, drawing (check out my homepage for character drawings!), music, manga, yaoi (I think that's been an obsession ever since I saw some beautiful pictures from a Slayers doujinshi), classic literature, animals (as pets), etc.

    For those of you joining or just reading some of my older stories, I've been trying to up-load chapters to some of them (Lyre & I fixed a rather crucial chapter in Six Years since I had accidentally uploaded the same chapter twice). Some of them were originally posted on another site as far back as 2004 or perhaps even longer. I'd like to think my style has gotten, er, better since then and I may re-work some of the plots althought I've done it once already.

    I hope the new ones meet the expectations of readers (I mean Dragonmere and Shadecrest Grove) and I will start a new train once I get a good idea.

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