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    I live in Australia and have been writing fics for a short while. I love anime, especially Gundam Wing. The boys are just too cute for their own good. Anyways, welcome to my own little corner of insanity, feel free to drop in a review and I hope you like my works. ^_^

    To all my faithful readers and followers I just wish to let you all know that I will no longer be posting any of my works here on AFF net. It's starting to get a little too ridiculous for words with all the restrictions put on the authors so "Joy To Heero" will be the last fic I post here. To those of you that are following my works you can continue to read them at my web site The Gundam Wing Diaries. I thank you for all of your feedback and support over the years and hope you continue to read and enjoy my works at my web site.



    Shen ^_^

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