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    My pen-name is my boyfriend's nickname for me which means Mz Disaster because I'm always being clumsy and dropping stuff. Though I do try and claim it's D for my real name! I have lots of interests but the main one is writing perverted fanfiction and reading it. I love lots of anime shows but the ones I like to write about are DBZ and Ranma, mainly because there is so many situations I can think of in my perverted mind. I also have a growing interest in Wallflower also known as Perfect Girl Evolution. From Scotland, U.K. and I try to keep to British English in my stories. I'm also dyslexic so I make really stupid basic mistakes all the time. Would you believe that I'm also an English teacher? Yeah me neither but it's the truth! *UPDATE* 2009 I am still alive and working on my stories. I've had many real life disasters happen, not going into them take to long and the angst is too much. Let's say all is slightly calmer now and I feel the need to finish my stories.

    "UPDATE* 2011, Still alive and I now have a flash new laptop with word and I see AFF have reformated all the stories so everything is messed up! I may be a while editing them all, I know there are heaps of errors, this isn't my dyslexic fault for once. I plan to edit and update a few of my more popular stories sometime this year. Again, life is horrible and if I went into it all it would take too long and be too personal.

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