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    Kurama/Hiei is my favorite pairing ever. Some of my other favorites include (seme/uke) Touya/Yukito, Inui/Kaidoh, Cloud/Reno, Seifer/Zell, Kakashi/Iruka (sweetness to the highest level!!!), Sasuke/Naruto, Trowa/Quatre (I'm a bit old-fashioned--> what? you call kinky sex old fashioned!?!) and Saitou/Sanosuke. You may find me writing for those other pairings as well as a few originals that my messed up mind came up with. *dies* I usually post new fics, ficlets and reply to comments at my livejournal account. Please drop by if you're free. Suggestions and requests are welcome. Though they may take some time. I'm too in love with uke-Hiei at the moment. *drools* Hiei-chan, come make babies with Kurama-papa!!!
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