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    Greetings. Welcome to my profile. I've come on over from fanfiction.net (where I have the same penname as here, yay continuity). While I have your attention, Let me tell you a little bit about my fic "Celastrus" posted down there. It is set in the Metroid universe. It does pair Samus with Adam. And it is, *gasp*, tastefully done. Believe it or not, they have emotions and motivations prompting their act of intercourse. Which brings me to my tirade about sex in the Metroid fanfiction universe: most of it is done quite tastelessly with no regard for the actual story at stake. It's 'how fast can I get Ridley penetrating Samus??' Good lord, Ridley is reptilian, anyways; that means he doesn't have a penis, people! He has testes to produce and store sperm for reproduction, and it's secreted through his cloaca. I'm not saying Ridley/Samus sexual tension is impossible, just that more thought needs to go into it. My point? There are tasteful ways to write these stories so they are actual stories. Now that my rant is over, I apologize to anyone who's offended, but take it as constructive commentary from a fellow reader/writer. check out "Celastrus". Bear with the somewhat slow beginning; I do promise it will be worth your while. ~J.

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