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    HI everyone. I am Dreamwind and if you are reading this it is most likely because you have read one of my fics. Currently I am on a Harry Potter slash obssesive phase. I love HP crossovers, My favs of which are: 1. HP/ Naruto 2. HP/Stargate 3. HP/Anita Blake 4. HP/Merry Gentry 5. HP/Gargoyles The crossovers that I think need to have more stories written for: 1. HP/Gargoyles 2. HP/Merry Gentry 3. HP/Hercules Fav Crossover pairings: 1. Harry x Kakashi 2. Harry x Teal'c 3. Harry x Jamil 4. Harry x Rhys 5. Harry x Brooklyn If you want to check about updates please visit my livejournal at: www.dreamwind83.livejournal.com I have update the disclaimer for A Family Forgotten but have been advised by readers it still isn't showing up on the sight. At this time I have no idea why that is. So for now you can read the updated rewritten version at my LJ. Updates will be posted there first and then to Forever Fandom (which still has the origional version up). Link to A.F.F.: http://dreamwind83.livejournal.com/53058.html
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