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    Let me introduce myself. I am a total Japanese Anime fan. I just started writing fanfictions not that long back and I hope that you are enjoying what I write. I work full-time and long hours.... My favorite anime series are the following in no particular order. 1. Dragonball Z 2. Blue Seed (This is one that got me hooked on anime) 3. Rurouni Kenshin 4. Gudam Wing 5. Orphen 6. Trigun 7. Inyuasha 8. Nightwalker 9. Escaflowne 10. Ryaxephon (Brand New - you have to check it out) I live in North Pole, Alaska (yep, that's right, Home of Santa Claus). In fact he only lives 1 1/2 miles from my house. Well, the activity is picking up and the elves are running around wild, making toy for all you good girls and boys. So remember, he's watching and so am I...I may have to gen Santa's permission and write a story with him in it. Wouldn't want to piss the big guy off and end up with coal in my christmas stocking next year..... If anyone wants to email Santa here is his email address: mailto:santa@santaclaushouse.com

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