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    Hey I am 31 years old and I am working on 2 very hard fandoms for me fic wise. AVP is hard because so many people write such super good stuff for it and Transformers is hard because I would never have tried to write robot people if I had not read some of the fictions on here Specifically everything by Musashi and the epic Cover me by Black Dragon Queen. Eh other then that most fics are suspended so I can work on my originals. The Brother and I are residentially settled somewhat but writing mode has been set to off and Crochet mode to on lately . Some of my stuff is still a mess from long ago server crashes. I will try to mend that over the next days and get my transformer fic current on this site as its to the teens on ff.net and over here its to chapter 7! So sorry about that.! Thanks! (bio update as of November 26th 2012 at 0857 AM Mountain time)

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