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    This is basically by profile for Please check that out for a more comprehensive listing of my fan fiction:

    Updates: Check out my new Cats fic "K-I-S-S-I-N-G". I'm almost done writing a multi-chapter Cats fic, tentatively titled "Like a Hurricane" about... Mungojerrie and Rumpelteazer, of course! Once I'm done with that, I swear I will work on some of my in limbo fics. Cats is just kinda like my brains crack right now. :) I'm starting to post on my lj and myspace. You can find links to those below. :)

    Hello all and anyone who might have stumbled upon my fic's!

    My name is Natalia, (as if that weren't obvious!). I love writing... have since I was a wee young'un. At the same time, I'm incredibly lazy. So, instead of going through the whole process of creating my own characters and stories, I write fan fiction. It's just easier. And way more fun to screw around with stuff I love. Hee.

    You may have noticed that I haven't written in ages. Somewhere well over a year. I have more WIP's than I know what to do with half the time. But my New Year's Resolution - 2007 Edition, is to not only re-vamp and finish all my unfinished stories, but to also write some of the thousand+ stories that have been flying through my brain for the past year of no activity.

    My priority, at the moment is a completed Spuffy fic that I can't have here for adult-themed reasons, titled Meant To Be. I may re-post it here, with the naughtiness stripped down some. After that will be the completion of my Shayid story, Beyond the Sea and my PoTO fic., Tremulous and Tender. My older fic's will probably be last to be completed, as I had abandoned them for a reason. It will take a lot for me to get back into the place I was when I started writing them.

    If you wanna see the latest, you can catch the chapter by chapter progress on my LiveJournal ( or MySpace ( (posts on both will be locked as friends only, so you will have to add me). I probably won't post anything here until they're complete. :)


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