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    Update as of Apr 2021... After over a decade, i've decided to change my username from CultofStrawberry to StrawberryCatBeans. Back then I thought CultofStrawberry sounded cute, but since then I've seen how really twisted and fucked up some cults can be and no longer want to use 'cult' in my username.

    For those of you who loved Darkness Becomes Her...

    That story, now known/published as Seeds is now available for purchase!


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    Thanks to all my readers and fans who inspired me to turn Darkness Becomes Her into Seeds!

    I am CultofStrawberry, although my former name was Spleefmistress (also Spleef for short) You may call me by Spleefmistress or CultOfStrawberry, it's all good. :) This place is for all of my works with smut in them... ;)

    But I have my non-smut works here on FFN - and my original works here... I hope you enjoy all of my works...if you read my works PLEASE leave a kind word for me, I accept signed and anonymous are my food, literally. They are what keep me writing and they are what encourages me to keep up the quality of my work.

     A bit about me - I am an eccentric who has a fetish for tomato soup, toesocks, and world domination. I enjoy Frank Herbert's Dune series (and none of that 'new' Dune shit by Brian/Kevin) as well as his non-Dune books, Robert A. Heinlein - my favorites being the Past Through Tomorrow, Time Enough for Love, and A Stranger in a Strange Land. Other authors I enjoy are L.M. Montgomery (Anne of Green Gables and Blue Castle) and many more books.

    I like the TV shows Avatar (Airbender and Korra) Desperate Housewives, CSI/Law & Order, Gargoyles, and Walking Dead. I also like Anne Rice (before she converted and wrote the dreadful Blood Canticle), V.C. Andrews (not the tripe that her ghostwriter churns out), Strangers in Paradise, Lady Death, Mega Man, Cyborg 009, Kabuki, Sailormoon, Osamu Tezuka's works (check out Buddha, Phoenix, and Ode to Kirihito) A Song of Ice and Fire, and a whole bunch of other stuff. I read a LOT, as I will read almost anything as long as its well written. I even review books on Amazon for newbie and indie authors.

    I'm also a big fan of old-school style video games. Forget X-Box, PS2/3, Wii, Gamecube, and all that newfangled crap. I'll stick with Atari, Nintendo, Super Nintendo, and Sega Genesis. My favorite games are Tetris, Super Mario Brothers (For the NES/SNES) the Legend of Zelda Series (up to and including Ocarina of Time) the Final Fantasy series (FFI-VI, and I recommend the GBA updates of these titles), Megaman (NES/SNES) and the Sonic the Hedgehog series (just the Genesis ones, before the Sonicverse went to crap with its clusterfuck of recolors)

    Would you believe that my very first fanfiction was a Sailormoon one? Yeah, when I was a preteen, I went through a weeaboo phase. I grew out of it, though. Since then, I've deleted some fanfictions that have long since been purged and will never again see the light of day. I have come a long way since then. My current project is Moonshadows, a original romance novel inspired by my distaste for classic cliches and tropes that are overused and abused in fiction.

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