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    Dear Readers,

    I am sorry that I have not Updated in a while. While I have now settled down in Arizona tragedy has befallen my Family. On January 30, 2014 lost my beloved older brother. With him gone I felt all the happiness drain out of me and with it the life of my Stories. My brother wouldn't want me to be sad forever. he enjoyed life and would want me to live it and follow my Happiness. So I have returned to the computer and pulled the muses down from the self where I put them in my grief. I am back to work in the world of One piece and plan to Post a chapter of Baby Marimos. This story is almost complete and then I will focus on Blue Christmas. I will not abandon my stories. I have put too much thought and hard work into writing them even if the writers Block has stumped me from time to time. I will get them finished one way or another. Thank you all for those who keep reading and reviewing my work. Your reviews have also have pushed me to get myself back to the keyboard despite my fog that has surrounded me the past couple of months. I use to write just for myself but now I write for you all as well. You have given me confidence in my writing to continue to post my stories.  Eventually once all my stories are finished I will go back and edit them. I know I need a beta but my timid self-esteem refuse to let anyone read my work before I am ready to publish and run. So there you have it I am back to writing and I wish to say thank you for being so Patient.

    Keep Reviewing,

    Sukora Night

    A.K.A Angelwings




    Project that I a currently working on in Order of most reviews.


    Baby Marimos - I have only one chapter left for this story it is sad to see it go but I might do a sequel later when the chibis are older depending on the One Piece and it's changes in the New World.

    Blue Chrismas -  I am a little stuck on where this story is going but I believe maybe three more chapters to tie it all together. We'll just have to wait and see.

    My Chibi Dobe - This is another story that is sadly coming to an end. There will not be a sequel as I have taken this story as far as it could go. But once this is done I will focus on the Prequel My Dolphin's Love. Iruka and Kakashi's story and how Naruto grew up the first time around.

    The Reviews let me know which stories I need to work on. So let me know and I'll poke my muses to follow your lead.


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