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    20-something fanfic writer that got into fanfic writing in July 2001 after betaing for a friend. My main fandom is Andromeda, followed closely by Mutant X and X-Men - fave pairings are Rommie/Beka, Rommie/Tyr, and Rommie/Dylan, for Andromeda, as well as Emma/Shalimar, Adam/Shalimar, and Jesse/Brennan for Mutant X. For, X-Men, it'd have to be Jean/Logan followed by Jean/Remy and Remy/Logan. I read voraciously, watch entirely too much tv - despite the fact that my fave shows seem to be dropping like flies - and turn into a movie junkie with little or no provocation. Other fandoms I like include Buffy tVS/Angel tS, Birds of Prey, Dark Angel, Farscape, Firefly, Forever Knight, La Femme Nikita (the series), Smallville, Witchblade (comics and tv series), Xena, and others I dabble in periodically as the mood takes me.
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