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    I'm a twenty-something professional student that is *really* busy with work and school, but always manages to make time for Anime! I love to watch Anime and I also collect it! My favorite things to do are:Reading and writing fanfiction (when I have the time), listening to japanese music, sleeping to japanese music, and of course, watching Anime. My favorite anime include: Yugioh Rurouni Kenshin Yami no Matsuei Slayers YuYu Hakusho Rave and A whole lot more" Favourite couples: Yami/Yugi Yami/Yugi/Seto Seto/Jou Tsuzuki/Hisoka Lina/Zelgadis (I can't stand Gourry!) Lina/Xelloss Haru/Elie And a whole lot more! I'm always glad to hear from readers, fellow fanfic writers and just anyone! so drop me a line at dragontasuki@yahoo.com. If I don't reply immediately, don't worry! I'm probably busy then, but I will eventually reply!
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