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    Hi hi!

    My name is Sara! I'm 27 years old and I currently live in Montreal, Canada. My main language is French, but I don't write in it; I just feel English flows better with the type of story I write. I work as a localization tester for a 3rd party, outsourcing video game QA company called Babel Games Services.

    I got into reading books at a young age through my mother, and through my father (who passed away in 2004) I got into video games. I've learned most of my basic English through video games, music and English TV, then the rest through normal grade school and the equivalent of AP English whenever it was offered. My writing style is a mix of all of this; my style is pretty straightforward, not all that lyrical. But people seem to like.

    I started writing when I was about 11 years old, a badly written M/M original story. I remember my mother once asked me if I was planning on writing a novel, and I was quite embarrassed about it - my hometown is heavy Roman Catholic, and my family even moreso. So I stopped for a while, until I got my computer. While searching for Final Fantasy VII walkthroughs, I fell on what I'd say "saved" me: yaoi fiction. It was a "OMG I'm not the only one who likes to see guys kissing" illumination moment, and I soon started writing on my own. I probably was around 14, 15.

    So I had a FFVII phase, followed by VIII and IX, though my first contact with the Final Fantasy series was IV (II US, the one with Cecil). I was around 9 when I started playing IV and at that point, my English wasn't all that great. I was 100% sure Cecil was Kain's boyfriend and most of my mental roleplays had them involved with each other. I wasn't writing, but I could picture them together and it just made sense to me. I guess FFIV introduced me to the LGBT community in general, even before I knew what "homosexuality" really was. (Hello, Roman Catholic heritage - the first time I saw two guys kissing IRL, I think I was 12. Back then we used to rent our basement during the summer and we had a gay couple over that year.)

    When my cousin introduced me to Tekken 3, I took a liking to it right away, and I think not even 5 minutes in gameplay, I had the whole Jin/Hwoarang setup in my head. So I moved from FF to Tekken, and then Onimusha. Most of my big fics were published for Tekken, but due to drama within the fandom, I dropped it.

    I went back to original fics for a while, publishing Take Me Away here on AFF, which was my first completed original work. I had worked on the world and the characters since 1998 or so, and it took a long time before I could write anything after. I tried different fandoms (Death Note, went back to Tekken and Onimusha) but it wasn't cutting it. I went back to original afterwards, got some odd chapters into Sweet As The Punch and just gave up.

    I had another hiatus after all that. Then I heard they were releasing FFIV for the Nintendo DS. I got the game, started playing, then started writing for it... and claimed it as my main fandom. After all, it was the very first thing that got me into slash; it felt a natural move, I've published a lot into it... until I got stuck on a stupid scene in Destruction Preventer (which I'm still stuck on. I absolutely refuse to give that one up though.)

    To make another long story short, I had some of my cousins who were into death/speed/power metal and I got hooked onto the stuff. Not too long ago I started listening to Viking metal and started looking up more mythology (my knowledge was fairly limited to what references were in FF, lol). Then the language. And the culture. You know where this is going: I'm currently writing an original with a Nordic setting. I've got a little over 2 chapters written, I'm editing the 2nd chapter right now, and it should be up in a couple days, hopefully.

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